Strategy:  Aldi is a store fully optimized for efficient shopping. ALDIokooooShoptimized.


ALDI is a leading global discount supermarket with over 10,000 stores in 18 countries–only 800 of those stores are in the United States. 
The store’s products are almost all name-brand products, there are no shelves, workers are minimized, shoppers must pay for bags if they choose to use them, shopping carts cost a quarter, and the entire store follows a single path from one aisle to another until the shopper reaches the checkout— which doesn’t have a clerk to bag items. 

Primarily Caucasian (113 index) middle and lower income earners ($40k-$80k), often older parents (45-64) who have a limited dual income to spend.

Suburban and rural families. Not concerned with product range or after sale service. Customers want quality products at a cheaper price. They don’t need the well know advertised brands. Customers are ‘pantry stockers’ (21+ items at a time).


ALDI is a no-nonsense ergonomic grocery store that knows that shopping is just another errand, not an excursion. 


Unconventional store layout; lack of recognizable brands.


ALDI is the perfect grocery store for a parent running weekend errands with little time to waste. 

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Logo (2006)

Logo (2006)

Proposed Logo

Proposed Logo


ALDI’s rebrand introduces a totally unique approach to the company’s identity while simultaneously maintaining the brand’s value in economy and pragmatism. 

Just like the store, the logo is efficient: the logo’s border pulls the eye towards the icon, and consequently the wordmark. Additionally, The wheels of the shopping cart create an umlaut over the wordmark connecting, rather than detaching, ALDI to its German roots.

Because ALDI stands alone as a powerhouse of efficiency, it will adopt a new word to describe its ethos: Shoptimize.


Aldi Shoptimized


Because Aldi has very little in-store brand competition, it can use its store packaging as tool to expedite shopping. In their respective categories the packaging is simplified and organizes the essential food groups by color. Bar codes will stretch the length of every package for quick scanning at checkout. Important nutritional information will be located at the bottom of each package.


Out of home ads will be placed around areas in which the target would be potentially running an errand such as at a car wash, or at the laundromatin addition to high-traffic areas near transit.


In addition to programmatic digital ads, Aldi will feature a game on Facebook called ‘Aldi Shoptimizer’. The game challenges you to complete your shopping in the most efficient way possible by tracking time spent shopping, and the amount of steps you take. during your visit. The score is then placed on a Facebook leader board, driving engagement between friends.


Branded items include bumper stickers for the most loyal Aldi brand ambassadors and reusable Aldi bags (because there are no plastic bags at Aldi). Inside the store there will be banners which will help guide shoppers along their single lane grocery track.