Strategy:  Use geo-specifc media to engage players in the game and introduce a new way to explore urban areas.



While widespread across all demographics, there is room for growth with young adults (20 - 30). 

Consumers are eager to adopt a new technology. They enjoy traveling and trying new things.




Informs players about new experiences in their area, or around the world with an engaging app with an established community.


There is a learning curve to understanding how the game works. This can be off-putting to potential players.


Those who set up Geocaches are generally from the region. It’s the most legitimate way to experience an area without being labeled as a tourist.


Spotted By Locals


In the center of the city, at City Hall, the game starts. Geocaching provides a tutorial, introducing non-users to a simplified version of the actual game, allowing them to understand how the app works. Ads near City Hall will entice curious people to download the app and find some simple caches within the single block radius. Banners marking the territory will remind and encourage new geocachers to continue their hunt. 


Large banners placed near city hall encourage people to tour Philadelphia using the geocaching app. The ‘History Cache’ will be lightly teased on some of these banners.

Philadelphia is the ideal city to introduce the history cache because of the its rich history. 

The campaign will guide players through historical tours of the city while they find clues and solve riddles along the way, all on their Geocaching app. 

For example: starting at City Hall, one of the trails will chronicle Benjamin Franklin’s legacy, taking Geocachers to 10 caches near locations that were historically connected to Franklin.



The History Cache





Geocache’s partnership with Philadelphia will be the perfect time to introduce and to advertise the ‘History Cache’ because of the tourism drawn to the city by its rich history. The campaign will guide players through historical tours of the city while they solve clues and riddles along the way (not totally unlike national treasure). For example: starting at city hall, one of the trail will chronicle Benjamin Franklin’s legacy, taking them to 10 caches near locations that were influenced by Franklin


Digital banner ads will target potential players around the Philadelphia area and will incite curiosity. 


As another digital activation, Geocache can take over a Philadelphia travel website and use the banner ads to create an ambient virtual scavenger hunt.