Strategy:  If you dream of catching the fish of ‘10,000 casts’ you must come to Hayward.


Key Fact
The world’s largest muskellunge ‘muskie’ was caught in Hayward in 1949. Prize-seeking anglers have since made pilgrimages to Hayward with hopes of catching their own record. 


While Hayward only has a small population (2,300 people) it maintains a vibrant lifestyle brimming with winter and water sport, charming community events and breathtaking scenery.

Men aged 30 - 45
Professional and amateur anglers
Middle income, has the resources to travel for freshwater sport
Midwest United States


Hayward’s reputation precedes it. It is known for being the ‘muskie capital of the world’ as anglers reel in record breaking muskies year-round. 


Hayward is a very small town among picturesque resort towns in Northern Wisconsin. It may not be the primary destination for a typical vacation. 


Prize-seekers dream of reeling in a muskie, though few will ever catch one. Hayward’s waters teem with massive muskies.


Small towns with similar water sport and larger cities like Duluth and the twin cities.


The Mighty Muskie
With rows of razor sharp teeth, volcanic temperament, and lightning-fast agility, it’s no surprise that the muskie is a sought after fish, but when you see it’s monstrous proportions you’ll understand why people are willing to travel across the world to catch one.

The muskie’s cunning and power make it extremely difficult sport, and few people will ever catch one of any size. In fact, the fish has been known in the angling community as ‘the fish of 10,000 casts’. 

In the deep waters of Hayward Wisconsin however, odds favor the fisherman willing to go toe-to-toe with the area's record breaking muskie.


“Minnesota calls itself the land of 10,000 lakes, but we’ve got over 13,000 in Wisconsin– and they’re much prettier!”

-Chris, Hayward Tourism

Hayward Colors Web-10.png

Hayward’s primary colors are fitting representations of Wisconsin, a state composed largely of lakes in a climate that experiences heavy snowfall in the winter. 

Accent colors are bright and should be used sparingly to provide an attractive highlight to collateral.


Rogue Serif appears sturdy and rugged: it was inspired by similar bold serifs common in nautical or lakeside communities.

Europa is an attractive sans-serif typeface which employs a slight narrowness in posture to Rogue making it an effective body font accompaniment.  



Taking advantage of digital screens we display footage of active prize muskies on the prowl, swimming in and out of each screen, a call to action would direct the viewer to Hayward’s micro-site “”. This can be executed both out of home and on digital.


Digital ads featuring the prowling muskie will appear on sporting websites, outdoor outfitter websites, and travel websites as well as target users with search data relevant to fishing. Hayward could also create native ads by sponsoring online how-to's, directing the user to the both Hayward's website and the microsite. 


 Hayward’s instagram will make weekly posts showcasing the largest fish caught that week under the hash tag ‘#HaywardMantle’.