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stories worth seeing

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Andrew Moliski





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As cultural influencers, we have a stewardship for goodness and beauty.


Initially coming to Temple University (and consequently, Philadelphia) as a film major, I realized early on that it wasn’t film that I loved, it was visual storytelling and the ripple effect that follows something good and beautiful. So, I couldn't specialize, I had to know a little of a lot if I wanted that ripple to be a wave. In advertising we studied storytelling strategy rather than design- I left it to myself and my passion to be a constantly improving designer. It doesn’t matter if a story is told if there isn’t anyone listening; advertising taught me how to be practical in my approach, my passion led me to being strong in my delivery.

In Class: 

I have been honored with a Louix Award from the Art Director's Club of Philadelphia for overall student submissions for a spec campaign I developed for Tylenol. Though, a much greater achievement to me was a spec travel campaign for the small, lovely town of Hayward Wisconsin, which upon completion, I offered to them at no cost; I am excited that the town has been using my logo and I maintain a great relationship with my friends at Hayward! In addition, I was chosen by the faculty to be a creative in the 2017 NSAC challenge where, in a team, we designed a year-long advertising campaign- I also presented this campaign as the creative director in New York City with 3 of my peers. I am also graduating with latin honors. 

Outside of School:

I take full advantage of the advertising community on Temple's Campus. I am the creative director of the student-run advertising agency, Allotrope, where I mentor young creatives and designers, create pro-bono content for a number of clients, and facilitate weekly discussions about the world of design and branding. I have also held an e-board position on the Temple Advertising Club for three years, and have been active in events, fundraisers, and mentoring.

At Karma Agency:

I've been the design intern at Karma Agency for nearly a year, and have had the opportunity to design alongside some of the most talented creatives in the country. I love my job at Karma. I love creating everyday in a fast-paced environment that is equally challenging and rewarding. I am constantly learning and growing as a designer, as a creative-thinker, and as a person. My time at Karma has also lead me to understand the cultural impact we have on the world- many of our clients are cultural institutions, pro-bono charities and non-profits. I've had the honor of contributing to the dazzling campaign for the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as for Curtis Institute of Music, Philadelphia Orchestra, and Opera Philadelphia. 

In My 'Free time':

Away from the world of advertising, I spend most of my time in (or thinking about) nature, due to my Pennsylvanian upbringing. A relationship with the natural world is extraordinarily important- it puts everything else into context. In addition to goodness and beauty, stewardship for the environment is deeply rooted in my ethics. 


There isn’t room for ego, there isn’t time for irreverence in work and design, and there cannot be acceptance for any half-measures if we want the world to be a better place.