The entire process of personal branding is a territory that I want to tread very very carefully- partly because of the progression of design trends and partly because of some existential hesitance when labels are attached to people.

The days of specialization are gone. It’s pretty clear that to make it in an agency you can’t just be proficient at illustration or photography alone, if you wanted to excel you’d have to be multifaceted in your proficiency and multi-fascinated by every topic. In architecture they say that 'form follows function', and the same concept should be applied to personal branding. If my function is to tell stories from a multitude of perspectives in hundreds of unique ways, my form must follow and be equally broad yet stylized.

Chameleon -01.png

Ultimately, it was a redaction of anything excessive that could become quickly dated and was abstract enough for me to keep my sweet sweet individuality without being pigeon-holed.

I stuck with a geometric sans-serif- attractive, frill-less, timeless.

The box makes the wordmark deliberate and channels focus in a clean and simple way, similar to an emblem. 

I wanted to do something other than a monogram (another timeless approach) and I decided to use the part of my last name - iski - that people often mispronounce. The balance between the two flanking 'i's creates nice symmetry, and the sound cuts like a knife: "Issss key". The mark is in lowercase because it's a bit more humble, and an uppercase mark would look a bit too much like an anagram.

The real interesting part about my last name, though, is that it's fallacious. My great-great-great grandmother changed our last name, which at the time was Meinicki, to Moliski in an effort to sound more Polish during her US immigration. So 'Moliski' is in a way a, a great story. 



In addition to equal line-weights, the main supporting graphic to my brand is an abstract concoction of shapes and colors. The pattern is inspired by the forms that we force ourselves to see within nature; it is an attempt to find a balance in its beautiful chaotic harmony.