2017 Company Holiday Card

I had a blast putting together our 2017 holiday card!  The idea was to balance warm and cold elements using our colors in addition to taking advantage of the beautiful, fluid geometry of our logo. We used a thermal spot gloss to highlight the rings of Karma's logo, making it feel a bit more like ice. 


Unused eco-friendly holiday card concept that involved die-cut recycled paper. 

Flying Fish & Opera Philadelphia


Video introducing the 2017 Opera Season with an exclusive Flying Fish beer: a tasteful marriage between two of our clients. 


Curtis Institute of Music


An example of a photo-shoot for Curtis Institute of Music, the most exclusive school in the country. Under creative direction, I took pictures and created ad-like mockups. Ads like these were placed around the city on billboards, and online, as well as printed material.



Background graphic elements designed for Nike’s Air Max Mondays under design direction from Karma Creatives. The images were featured on Nike's social channels and website.

NIKE217_.com_Sp18_Air Max Monday_WLP (1).jpg

Chemical Graphic

Unused concept for a possible, illustration-heavy identity.


Trex Decking

A few of the man examples of gifs and static images used for Trex Decking social media. 



Modernization and optimization of an dated product logo.


New York, Meet JAAP

Late last year, Karma Agency acquired the New York Philharmonic Orchestra as a client, specifically for the 2018 introduction of Jaap Van Zweden as the orchestra's (and consequently New York's) maestro.  

In my creative director Ford Haegele's own words:

"In this moment, there is an opportunity to connect Jaap's vision and the Philharmonic to New York City with renewed vitality. By creating a repeating, geometric graphic of the name Jaap and splashing it atop everything New York, the creative reverberates throughout the city, generating a current of energy that Jaap affectionately refers to it as its 'heartbeat'."

For me, a starry-eyed intern and longtime fan of classical music, the prospect of working with the New York Philharmonic was extraordinary. I am proud to have played a small role in assisting with designs and collateral, consequently bringing this campaign to life.

I see it a bit like this: I love the violin, but I'll likely never be able to play it at the same level of beauty and precision as those musicians who play in the New York Philharmonic Orchestra. I can, however, get people to see and love the craft the way that I do. It is an extraordinary honor in advertising and communications to be in a position where I can promote love and passion.

Creative Director: Ford Haegle