Brand Platform:  Tai Pei is the affordable way to fit a unique, flavorful meal into a busy life. 


Problems and Opportunities - Focus Group Findings

Problem: Frozen Food is a last resort for many Millennials because they perceive it as unhealthy and unappealing.

Opportunity: Tai Pei is a clean, preservative-free meal. The new Tai Pei recipes have less sodium and fewer calories.

Problem: Tai Pei has low brand awareness among millenials.

Opportunity: The slate is clean, giving Tai Pei the opportunity to position the brand in a way that resonates with Millennials.

Problem: Millennials are busy, stressed out and use shortcuts, sometimes by choice, other times by necessity.

Opportunity: As a frozen food, Tai Pei fits within an unpredictable schedule. The attributes of cleaner ingredients and Asian flavors Tai Pei has makes the brand more of a convenient food hero than a fall back or fail safe option we are all too familiar with.